Kosmos square shade

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A simple idea, inspired by nature

Do you have an eye for detail, and are you searching for the perfect cantilever umbrella? Search no longer. This minimalist shade has an ingenious opening system: it opens and closes horizontally like the wings of a bird, without visible technical parts. Two hidden magnets keep the parasol open. The view of the suspended canopy above creates a calm, clean atmosphere of shade when the sun is shining overhead.

Play with the recurring design of square elements by placing outdoor furniture such as the Walrus sofa under this umbrella. Your garden set will look as aesthetically pleasing as can be.  


© Design by Dirk Wynants for Extremis, 2008

High-tech polyester

High-tech polyester

Polyester is the most popular synthetic fibre in the world. The use of special finishing methods makes the fabrics weatherproof, water repellent, dirt repellent, lightfast, etc. High-tech polyester is used for a variety of “sun protection” purposes - from seat cushions to patio furniture through to awning fabrics. High water and UV resistance guarantees an excellent longterm appearance.

Choose wisely
Tree leaves, dust, CO2 emissions, pollution, bird droppings etc may leave marks on a spotless white fabric, so keep this in mind when choosing the perfect location for your shade.


Stainless steel 316

Stainless steel 316

The highest stainless steel quality available is type AISI 316. Aggressive environmental conditions caused by chlorides, acid rain, salt and other rusty materials will require periodic maintenance. 

Choose wisely
We advise a regular treatment with stainless steel cleaner or protector, especially in aggressive environments. Products to clean and protect are widely available.

How to treat stainless steel
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White White
Taupe Taupe
Black Black

The Kosmos square shade is available in different heights and weights.

339 cm
327 cm
214 cm
229 cm
27 kg (214 cm)
30 kg (229 cm)


Floor fastening

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