Spring at JW Marriott

Grand Rapids, MI, United States

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Spring at JW Marriott
Tools for togetherness

There aren’t many occasions better than those first warm, spring days when the patio opens up at the localrestaurant down the street. The value of the outdoor “deck” is not lost on JW Marriott and they have curated their experience accordingly.

The JW Marriott Jdek in downtown Grand Rapids, MI hosts hotel guests as well as visitors to their French American restaurant, Margaux. Jdek is located beneath a glass building façade reflecting one of the most coveted views of the city; the Grand River, which flows right below the deck.

Matching the incredibly elevated culinary experience at Margaux, Extremis outdoor furniture is thoughtfully aligned along the patio. The two-seater Extremis Bistroo overlooks the river (read: cocktail with a view) and the Pantagruel picnic tables with Inumbra shade provide adequate shade overhead that offers larger parties protection from the bright spring sun. It's the setting of our outdoor dreams.

A group of friends from the area gather for an evening at the Jdek. They pass the drink refills to friends with the integrated lazy susan of the picnic table and share their goals for the season ahead. It’s the best way to welcome the warm weather and reconnect after a long winter. 

Trends in hospitality design have hotel, bar and restaurant owners rethinking the experience they offer their guests; a challenge to elevate all the senses through the hosting experience. Imagining how your guests will interact in the outdoor space is a big part of that and including durable outdoor seating can be a welcoming and ‘warm’ way to bring people together.

Pictures by LeighAnn Cobb