A lightweight marvel

The lesson we drew from Inumbra’s success as a shade maker? There’s a hunger for innovative parasols that are easy on the eye. The demand for a lighter umbrella made us develop Inumbrina, a little Inumbra shade. As Inumbra’s younger and lighter sibling, Inumbrina comes with the same advantages as its big brother: beautiful simplicity, sleek elegance, and high wind resistance due to its flat design.


Inumbrina opens with an innovative pulley system; with a simple rope you raise the curtain and create shadow. The parasol has a hexagonal or octagonal shape, depending on its size. Unlike circular parasols, this grid creates a canopy of shade and is very space efficient. When placing several sunshades next to each other, freestanding or in a table, the shape ensures optimal space between the parasols - no gaps at all.

The icing on the cake? Due to its smart design, you won’t be bothered with any of the annoying parts: no ribs, rods, ropes or slats. The technical components are located above the fabric instead of underneath, what’s left is a smooth, floating canvas; an aerodynamic design. 

Inumbrina comes in two versions: Inumbrina large perfectly pairs with Gargantua or Pantagruel and Inumbrina medium combines wonderfully with our Anker and Virus collection.

The miraculous space efficiency of hexagons.

Inumbrina GIF

There’s a reason why bees make their honeycombs hexagonal: they fit together without gaps.

Dirk Wynants

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