A lightweight marvel

The lesson we drew from Inumbra’s success as a shade maker? There’s a hunger for innovation that is easy on the eye. The demand for a lighter version of the parasol made us develop Inumbrina, a little Inumbra. It has the same advantages as its larger predecessor: beautiful simplicity, sleek elegance, and high wind resistance due to its flat design.


The Inumbrina opens with an innovative pulley system. Using a simple rope means it needs a bit more force, but it works quickly. When opened, the parasol has a hexagonal or octagonal shape, depending on its size. This grid creates a canopy of shade and is very space efficient. As you can see here with Anker, this formation also ensures optimal space between different tables. No gaps at all. 

The icing on the cake? Due to its construction you can’t see any of the annoying parts: no ropes, no rods. Its mechanical components are completely out of sight because they’re located at the top instead of underneath the parasol. What's left is a smooth, floating canvas, an aerodynamic design.

The larger Inumbrina version can be paired perfectly with Gargantua or Pantagruel, standing next to it on the ground. With its sleek and unique design, the parasol is wind resistant too. The smaller version goes with our Abachus table, freestanding or combined with all kinds of smaller tables.

The miraculous space efficiency of hexagons.

Inumbrina GIF

There’s a reason why bees make their honeycombs hexagonal: they fit together without gaps.

Dirk Wynants