Innovate or die

A design process never stops according to Extremis. Improvement is always possible. This is also true of the ‘outdoor sofa’ idea. Translating the concept of the outdoor lounge is literally: ‘bringing comfort and softness outside, always’. But Dirk Wynants wanted to skip the hassle of literally dragging the cushions outside... Time to meet our Walrus.

Innovate or die

The first 'Outdoor Sofa'

The first outdoor sofa. It's a bold statement, but we have taken the outdoor sofa to the next level. Since the birth of Extremis we have been convinced that the difference between indoors and outdoors will disappear. Our gardens are becoming one of our most important living spaces. Allow us to argue the case that, particularly with our unpredictable Belgian weather, dragging out the cushions is mostly a time-consuming chore. Not with our Walrus sofa ... Thanks to the ingenious storage pouch in the backrest, which hides a foldout blanket and a thick cushion ... Innovative, is it not?


Named after the impressive mammals

Water-resistant cushions quickly become dirty and grubby and, above all, do not feel soft. Extremis have sought a solution to this for a very long time, and have now come up with the Walrus. It was named after the impressive mammal that braves water, weather and wind with its thick, smooth hide. What is unique about this brand new design is the manner in which two different materials are combined to fulfil the seemingly irreconcilable requirements of high comfort levels, aesthetics and ultimate weather resistance. 

Walrus with cushion

Keep your ass dry!

The parts that are permanently exposed to the elements are made of an extremely durable tarpaulin material (used for trucks) that does not absorb water or dirt. The sofa's bulky form ensures that water drains away quickly. Thanks to this smooth, washable material, care and maintenance are kept to a minimum.

The part of the sofa that comes into contact with the body is made from soft, tactile, high-quality material of a low volume to be taken out easily for washing or long term storage. Walrus saves on storage space inside the house and, more than anything, saves you a lot of time and effort. It is a real tool for togetherness that makes spending time together as pleasant as can be, all year round! And it keeps your ass dry!

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