Spring refresh

The easiest way to get over the winter blues is by planning an outdoor soirée. But hold on, before you get into party planning mode, it's time to deep clean your outdoor furniture!

By oiling your wooden furniture after every winter, you also create a protective barrier around the wood. Therefore, the wood preserves its color and you prevent liquids and stains from penetrating the surface.

Spring refresh

Ready to start your spring clean?

Gather your family (if your children are at your side, take appropriate care when using the respective products) and let's get cleaning! Here's how:

1. Tools

Order the right maintenance tools on our webshop and gather some helping hands. In our case, Gust and Arthur are pumped to help their mother out! Pick a warm (20°C) but cloudy day, so the wood can dry out slowly after cleaning.

2. Clean

Spray Extremis Multi Cleaner on the powder coated legs. Let the product work for a few minutes and rub the stains with a cloth. These little guys were a great help for the backside of the legs!

3. Protect

Protect the frame with some tape. We wouldn't want to make those clean legs dirty again, right?

4. Dampen

Dampen the surface with plenty of water. Use a hose, watering can or water gun but don't use a high-pressure washer! And don't worry if you get splashed too! 

5. Scrub

Pour Extremis Wood Cleaner into a bucket or container. Dip a nylon brush in the undiluted wood cleaner and scrub the wood with the brush. It is best to wear gloves. Work length-wise along the wood until it is clean. The product will foam. For stubborn stains, repeat the treatment.

6. Rinse

Rinse thoroughly with plenty of water until all the foam is gone. Also rinse other parts of your furniture and the patio flooring immediately.

7. Dry

Leave to dry for at least 24 hours at 20°C ambient temperature. Ensure good air circulation. Time for the little guys! Soccer?

8. Sand

Now start by slightly sanding rough spots with a hand sanding block (120-grit). Sand in the length of the wood grains!

9. Brush

Take a inspection walk around the table to remove dirt or sanding residue with a brush or a cloth. Our model definitely knows how to seduce the camera! 

10. Stir

Stir the oil. When you have young helpers, do mention to stir very carefully, so it doesn't spill. 

11. Oil

Apply a layer of Extremis Wood Protector oil with a flat brush. Try to apply the oil with the grains of the wood (we get sometimes excitement takes over!). Leave to settle for 10 minutes and smooth the surface again with the same brush, without applying additional oil.

12. Wipe

After 5 minutes, wipe off traces of excess product with a piece of cloth. Don't throw away the cloth in the trashbin, as the oil is highly flammable. Instead, let it soak in a bucket of water for a while.


Enjoy the result

And start planning those outdoor parties!

We're looking forward to getting the invite...
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