Les Beaux de Proven, France

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A floating shade that opens horizontally and has a variety of positions? We would dare to say that Sensu overshadows all other shade-makers.

This tilting shade combines the beauty of flat design with the functionality of a hand fan system. Thanks to its unique design, Sensu follows the sun throughout the day with minimal impact. 

Share the Sensu sensation

No sun without shade

A warm summer day in the south of France, playing a game of pétanque with friends... What more do you need?

Maybe some shade? In the picturesque town Les Beaux de Proven, the Sensu umbrella offers a buffet of shade. Under the floating canopy, a broad shade appears... It’s the perfect spot to cool down and to throw some pétanque boules. Thanks to the tilting and rotating feature, you can follow the sun and continue to play all day long... la vie est belle.

"A shade should bring comfort and shadow in the easiest way possible”

Dirk Wynants

More than a hand fan

The perfect tool for a cool moment

For Sensu, designer Dirk Wynants drew inspiration from a hand fan, an object that has existed for centuries. So why not use this technique on a larger scale? Sensu is a statement of both elegance and simplicity, it opens and closes horizontally, and brings ‘easy to use' to the next level. 

Innovation is at the heart of each new Extremis design, that’s no different for Sensu. Whereas most umbrellas have all the technical parts dangling above your head, this canopy has a calming effect. The flat design also offers great wind resistance and opens horizontally - quick and simple. 

Sensu single square

Endless variations

Make your own sunshine with this freestanding shade. The modular central pole can hold one, two, or even four shades for an optimal shade surface. Each shade tilts towards the sun while the single shade also rotates 360 degrees. 

Being a freestanding shade, Sensu does not take up any space on your precious table. The clean canvas minimalistic disappears in the back, offering shade in a calming way.

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