Rotterdam, Netherlands

The Extremis Power Lab in Rotterdam

What a shocker to find out that (outdoor) plugs can be integrated in our furniture! That's right! We're definitely bursting with energy after your visit to Design District in Rotterdam.  

Didn’t find the time to swing by our power lab? Let’s take a look at it now! 

The Extremis Power Lab in Rotterdam

Shocking furniture

The togetherness generator

By connecting quality, necessity and functionality, Extremis generates togetherness all over the world. After nearly 30 years, we’re still searching for ways to empower people and to spark interactions that truly matter. How? By energizing our current furniture collection, each patio, office space and lunch area is ready to be powered up.  

Extend outdoor possibilities, break down boundaries, and stay connected with this shocking furniture. With different power options, the outdoor table becomes an all-purpose set. Your battery died? No problem! 

More power than ever before...

Indoors and outdoors

Extremis offers three possibilities to electrify your table. A wireless charger on top of the table for indoor and outdoor use with an easy-to-use charging tray; an indoor in-table power solution with either two sockets and a USB port or three sockets; and an indoor under-table power with either a socket and USB port or two sockets.

With three different power options compatible for Schuko, US, UK and Swiss plugs, power is generated in no time!

Thanks to different electrification modules ‘the force is always with you’.

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