AMAi gathers impressive awards

Let’s give it up for our champion AMAi who has won four prestigious design awards. We couldn’t be prouder to announce that this height-adjustable table has won both an iF Award, a Good Design Award, an Archiproducts Design Award and the Prize Designs for Modern Furniture + Lighting! This multipurpose piece of furniture breaks down boundaries and adds flexibility where needed - a true tool for togetherness globally recognized in the design community. 

AMAi gathers impressive awards

More than esthetics

After years of careful calculating, analyzing materials, researching processes, and adapting prototypes, AMAi was launched in the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak. It is precisely this delicate research that is now paying off.  

“It’s quite exceptional in the furniture sector to think of more than just esthetics. But design is much more than a pretty face,” says Dirk Wynants proudly. “Extremis always aims to design innovative, quality products that enhance meaningful connections. These design awards show that international experts also acknowledge the outstanding design and functionality of AMAi.”

These design awards show that international experts also acknowledge the outstanding design and functionality of AMAi.

Dirk Wynants

About the awards

From some 11,000 entries, an independent jury of design experts determined AMAi worthy of an iF Design Award in the 'garden' category. This globally recognized trademark has been awarding excellent design since 1954. The competition was intense, but AMAi won over the jury with its unique form and useful function. It is the 7th time that Extremis has been awarded this seal of quality for its extraordinary products. 

The GOOD DESIGN® Award is an American program that laurels the most innovative and cutting-edge product designs. The emphasis of this award is on quality design of the highest form, function, and esthetics with a design process that embodies product excellence and endurance. 

Appreciated in the office category, AMAi also received an Archiproducts Design Award. The product stood out for its unique concept and excellence in creativity, technology, innovation and experimental research. 

About AMAi

Adaptable in height, ready to cast shadow, equipped to offer light and completed with over-head plugs, AMAi is a flexible partner in any setting. This A-shaped showstopper has everything included to foster a productive workday, an alfresco breakfast or a glass of Tremist with friends! 

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