Aid for shades

Temperatures outside are rising, so it’s time for some shade so you can enjoy the day without getting sunburned.

Sure, Extremis umbrellas provide relief from the summer sun, but did you know that they also provide the perfect shade to spend the days amongst the birds and the bees?

Our shades are extraordinarily designed and call for some care to protect your investment over the years.

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Aid for shades


90 % of the umbrellas produced today rest on the opening and closing principle of the traditional Chinese umbrella. It has become so familiar that hardly anyone would consider improving the design. Hardly anyone…

This sounds like a job for Extremis! Instead of having the ugly slats, ribs and robes hanging above your head, we create aesthetically pleasing shades that are also much stronger and easier to use.


One with the wind

Two of our most popular shades, Inumbra and Inumbrina are designed with the mechanical components at the top. This approach allows for tighter tension on the fabric, leaving a minimal, clean surface underneath, while also creating a more aerodynamic structure to withstand the forces of mother nature’s breezes (or wrath, if you’d like).

Building on this knowledge, each Extremis shade is designed to meet the essential requirements of strength, grace, durability and necessity.

Built like a lion,
cared for like a lamb.

Inumbra GIF

I never need to close my umbrella?

WRONG! Extremis umbrellas are indeed very strong, that’s a fact that we’ll gladly prove, but like everything, they do have their limits.

We’ve risked our lives to show the strength of our shades. Each umbrella is officially tested in a wind tunnel to advise you exactly when you should close it.

We strongly advise you to close the umbrella at:



31 mph / 6 Beaufort (49 km/h)

AMAi shade


18 mph / 4 Beaufort (28 km/h)



31 mph / 6 Beaufort (49 km/h)



31 mph / 6 Beaufort (49 km/h)

Kosmos shade


18 mph / 4 Beaufort (28 km/h)

Hopper shade


18 mph / 4 Beaufort (28 km/h)



18 mph / 4 Beaufort (28 km/h)

But of course, it’s better not to challenge Mother Nature’s wrath. We can’t always predict the weather so it’s best to close your shade when left unattended and whenever heavy winds are expected.


You can't direct the wind, but you can adjust your sails.

Fun fact

If the wind is too strong, the cables of Inumbra and Inumbrina will whistle, alerting you that it might be time to close the shade. This serves as an early warning sign, the best part is, you never have to change the batteries!

What to do with your shade during winter months or hurricane season?

When not used for a long time, store the umbrella in its cover and place it vertically in a dry environment. Avoid leaving the shade closed when the fabric is still damp or wet.

Will my umbrella stay white as snow forever?

This isn’t a laundry detergent commercial. No, the fabric will not stay spotless for eternity. However, when you use the following care tactics, you’ll get to enjoy your shade for a long, long time.


  • Choose wisely where you put your shade - birds can leave little packages, trees shed leaves and busy highways create pollution. Read all about our best practices.
  • Always use the cover when closed and not in use.
  • Shake or brush off loose dirt immediately.
  • Clean your fabric following our care instructions.
  • In the worst case scenario, you can contact your dealer to replace the fabric with a brand-new one.


  • Follow our cleaning tips to keep your stainless steel truly stainless.
    • Remove dirt with a cloth.
    • Clean with a dry cloth and some stainless steel cleaner.