Unique and safe public seating

Hiroshima, Japan

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Unique and safe public seating
Tools for togetherness

How do you bring comfort and rest in the midst of turbulent times? Creating unique and safe seating in unused public spaces is a good start!

Instead of leaving this public space blank in the city of Hiroshima, Japan, we furnished it so that people can now enjoy some outdoor time in all safety. Pick your favorite grass circle and relax in style!

In this circle you're good to enjoy the fresh air in all safety!

Recline safely

And comfortably

With a global pandemic roaming the world, people have to be conscious about using public space. But with a little imagination though we can resolve this and offer safe public spaces. Our apostles from Tistou Japan did a perfect job in creating safe outdoor seating circles while also bringing greenery into the city!

Pictures by Chiaki Asahina/STILB