Working in the open

Proven, Belgium

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Working in the open
Tools for togetherness

At the Extremis headquarters, we strongly believe that nature works wonders. In the office, we already have lots of plants, big windows with natural views, and occasional bird song music, but we wanted to go the extra mile.

Instead of bringing greenery into the office, we took the office into the greenery! By blurring the lines between inside and outside, we’ve quite literally provided a breath of fresh air for our employees.

A natural extension to the office

Not just for coffee breaks

Many office workers already take their lunch or coffee breaks outside, but what about real heads-down working? At the Marina combo, we’ve provided a place for fresh focused work in the open air. Employees can pick their desired workplace inside or outside based on noise levels, posture, temperature, and personal feeling.

If you want your employees to love their job, create an office that puts them truly at the center and not in a sterile room where they’re stuck all day.

Outside the four walls of the building

Right into nature

A range of spaces promotes socialization and a sense of community at work. It helps to establish a connection between colleagues and a positive workplace attitude.

While our Walrus sofa offers a place to rest, rejuvenate, and share knowledge in an informal setting, the Bistroo tables are perfect to create and collaborate with your colleagues.

Combine work with nature in an outdoor office where you can feel the fresh air blow.

Pictures by Michiel Caron