Kortrijk, Belgium

Join us at Interieur Kortrijk

Sep '21

The Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk is always a home game for us, in the sense that we are located pretty close by. This year, the fair is launching a new design event “Please, have a seat”. It’s an interactive fair where you are allowed to sit down (thank God)!

When? October 15 to November 14, 2021
Where? Van Marcke site, Kortrijk, Belgium

Join us at Interieur Kortrijk
Sol+Luna Australis sofa sunbed download
Walrus sofa set for 4

The exhibition will present more than 200 chairs and seating objects from contemporary design brands. As you know, at Extremis, we’re not shy to question existing ways of seating. From chairs to sit on, to hang out in, to lean on, and to adapt to your needs.

"Please, have a seat" is a new concept from the Biennale Interieur and is a part of the creativity festival "Wonder" in the city of Kortrijk. Interieur is an international design platform, aimed at a professional and private audience. In a busy world, this fair continues to embrace quality, local connections, and long-lasting relationships.

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What's in a seat

It is a no-brainer that Extremis is taking its most innovative seats to the exhibition; you won’t spot all our newcomers, just the designs that question the traditional way of seating. However, as we’re so fond of Interieur, we’re bringing something extra! At the entrance and in the bar area, you’ll also find some engaging pieces!


What to expect at Please, have a seat

Our furniture at display

Extremis’ Tools For Togetherness bring people together in innovative ways. Meeting, taking a break, dining, chatting, brainstorming, learning, celebrating success... every piece of furniture is designed to eliminate barriers and optimize communication, to stimulate creativity and casual collisions.

And what are we taking to Kortrijk? AMAi, Walrus, Sol+Luna, Bistroo and of course Gargantua.

Discover AMAi

At the entrance of "Please, have a seat"

After a magical virtual launch, we can finally let you experience our latest design in real life. Seating or standing? This height-adjustable table follows each aspect of your lifestyle. AMAi is a marvel of multifunctionality that breaks down the boundaries of your imagination and joins together the good aspects of life. A standing, dynamic chat or a comfortable, seated lunch? You see, Extremis does look at seating in a different light…

Of course, you cannot keep such an amazing table to yourself. Just add more A-frames to extend togetherness into infinity. At AMAi, each shared moment matters from morning through night. Through night? Yes! Optional LED lights and even in- and outdoor plugs eliminate abrupt endings for a perfect day.

Have a seat on Walrus

Outdoor lounging turned inside out

Extremis revolutionized the ‘outdoor sofa’ as we once knew it. With a completely weatherproof canvas, this sofa can handle whatever snowballs mother nature throws at it. With colorful cushy blankets and comfort pillows stored away in the back, Walrus changes from a tough guy into a soft buddy in less than two seconds!

FUN FACT: The fabric of Walrus, Taurpalin, is the same fabric used to cover cargo on semi-trucks, keeping the sofa dry & safe from the harsh conditions of the open road.

Explore each aspect of Sol+Luna

Is it a sunbed or a sofa?

Sunbathing on the terrace is lovely, lounging with friends as well. But what about small terraces? No problem. Sol+Luna removes the need for a sunbed and cozy sofa. You have both! Lay back on the sunbed, which easily transforms into a soft sofa for easy sitting. The outdoor sofa includes a backrest that comfortably seats your cushions and doubles as a shelf for the sunbed. The magic happens when it gets dark: the sunshade becomes a full moon.

PS: Keep an eye on this piece, soon you won’t only find it on a regular terrace, but also on a floating one…

Settle down on Bistroo

Looking in the same direction

Take a seat and discover how nice it is to sit side by sideBistroo sits comfortably in small spaces, terraces, and balconies. Three legs, two chairs, and one tabletop are the basis for this innovative concept and are all you need to watch the world go by.

The first thing that comes to mind when you see Bistroo is a romantic Parisian bistro. But did you know that it’s also a perfect fit for a cozy corner in the office or a sweet spot to have breakfast in the garden? Instead of sitting opposite each other, you sit side by side at this compact companion.

Experience Gargantua

The most inclusive seat at the bar

Gargantua is the original ‘tool for togetherness’, and cannot stay absent from this event. Born from the notion that gathering around a table should be accessible for all, form certainly followed function in more ways than one. The adjustable benches ensure that small children sit at the same eye level as adults and that the tabletop is accessible by wheelchair. Gargantua is the ultimate symbol of inclusivity.

Simple, yet strong enough to withstand the outdoor elements, class I hardwoods and galvanized steel are both used for their strength and loved for their timeless appeal. But what makes a design really sustainable? Not only the longevity of the materials but also the longevity of the idea. The function of Gargantua will stay relevant for generations to come.