Chicago, United States

Missed our 'out of office' experience?

During Neocon 2021 we stepped "out of the office" and shared some wonderful moments of Togetherness as we launched our first-ever North American showroom at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. Discover how we inspired new ways of working... just right "outside your office".

Missed our 'out of office' experience?

This new showroom presents a relaxing oasis to discover new ways of working, emphasizes the significance of incorporating nature into your day-to-day workplace, and provides innovative ideas that aid in outdoor working. It also lets you experience new products like the Tiki Table and the highly anticipated AMAi while taking yourself “out of the office”.

Nature in the office

Or an office in nature?

Knowing why you need nature in your workplace is important, but knowing how to do it is just as crucial. Join us to see how you can bring the outdoors to the office with our Tools for Togetherness. The products inspire creativity in taking and allowing you to experience areas such as fresh and focused work, creative and collaborative meetings, as well as rest, recovery, and nourishment.

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Where to find us

Third Floor - Suite 355


The first true solution for working outdoors

AMAi is the first true solution for working outdoors featuring integrated power and light sources, among many other accessories to foster productivity “outside the office.”

Two A-shaped side frames provide a solid construction where multifunctional magic finds its purpose. In between these frames, you can slide the tabletop into two heights: standard or high. This adjustable table fits any gathering! And there’s more, the frame overhead also has some conjuring assets to offer. LED lights support your gathering well into the evening and power outlets offer connectivity even outdoors. A clever shade structure offers protection from the sun or creates an ambient vibe indoors.



A modern twist on a high-top café table

Tiki embodies flexibility and functionality above all else. Set tiki up at the outdoor office by day, and move it to the bar by night. Tiki is a sophisticated and functional table, but its light, dainty aesthetic should not be underestimated, as the durability of the design is ensured by a strong, wire-frame base made up of outdoor-resistant materials.

As with every Extremis piece, multi-functionality shines through the design. The frame of the table doubles as a footrest. Perch one or two feet atop the base and let the good conversation steal the night as you sit with ultimate comfort. But what really distinguishes this table is its foldable, compact design. Just take off the tabletop and fold in the legs when it’s time to hit the dancefloor. Pair Tiki Table with the Tiki Stool & Acacia Parasol for an uninterrupted setting of togetherness.

Togetherness beer

Unique to the each Extremis showroom experience is the sampling of our signature beverage Tremist; The Togetherness Beer. Crafted with the typical Extremis design method, Tremist reflects the tenacious character and boasts an authentic high-quality flavor.

As with every product, there’s a story to tell, Tremist was crafted from the hops that inspired one of the first Extremis design classics: the Hopper picnic table, which will also be on display at the showroom. Be sure to stop by the showroom for a taste of this Belgium hoppy, blonde “Saison” style beer while browsing the newest Extremis collections.