Outdoor Office Day

Today June 15th, is #OutdoorOfficeDay! It's the perfect opportunity to break free from the shackles of traditional office walls and embrace the liberating feeling of nature. To help you optimize your outdoor workspace, we've compiled a few design tips:

Outdoor Office Day

1. Choose multifunctionality

Gone are the days when designers think of outdoor spaces only as a place to sip coffee & chat with colleagues. Our AMAi collection will turn your outdoor setup into a meeting haven, a productivity powerhouse, and even a venue for evening soirées. Say goodbye to boring conference rooms and hello to working 'al fresco'!

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Refugium Hochstrass

2. Select the best outdoor finishes

At Extremis, we prefer to select materials not only for their impressive looks straight out of the box, but for their strength, longevity, durability and beauty over time. Outdoor furniture has a lot to endure every season among the birds and the bees and big shady trees. See our guide for what to expect with our durable outdoor finishes.

Choose wisely

3. Find some shelter

We've all learned the hard way that the sun can be quite the party pooper when it comes to outdoor work. Fear not, we've got you covered! Finding the right shade structure is key to ensuring a fun-filled day. Our experts will guide you through the shady labyrinth, considering wind exposure and the desired level of shade, to help you unleash your shadiest and coolest self this summer.

Aid for shades

​​​​​​Let's make the most out of this #outdoorofficeday by revolutionizing work routines and embracing the great outdoors with open arms (and laptops)!

Pictures 1&3 by Andreas Balon for Refugium Hochstrass/AL, Dealer: Begründer-Argegarten GmbH
Pictures 2,4-6 by Beeldcollectief