Innovative shades for all seasons

It’s getting hot outside… it’s time for some shade so you can enjoy the day without getting sunburned. Extremis parasols provide relief from the summer sun, but did you know that they also provide the perfect shade to spend the days amongst the birds and the bees?

Our parasols are like a perfect marriage between Mother Nature and the coolest design. They're not just practical, they're also pretty elegant. We make sure to use only the finest materials to create shades that are not only eye-catching, but also tough as nails. Whether you want to relax in the garden or give your outdoor space a touch of sophistication, we've got you covered!

Innovative shades for all seasons

Aid for shades

Innovative design

90% of the umbrellas produced today rest on the opening and closing principle of the traditional Chinese umbrella. It has become so familiar that hardly anyone would consider improving the design. Hardly anyone…

This sounds like a job for Extremis! Instead of having the ugly slats, ribs, and robes hanging above your head, we create esthetically pleasing shades that are also much stronger and easier to use.

Each Extremis shade is designed to meet the essential requirements of strength, grace, durability, and necessity. To choose your perfect match for life, you’ll have to get to know them first So, let’s get dating!

In-table parasols

Revolutionary strong

If you're looking for something classic and timeless, our Inumbra and Inumbrina collections are the perfect choice. Both shades are designed with the mechanical components at the top. This approach allows for tighter tension on the fabric, leaving a minimal, clean surface underneath and creating a more aerodynamic structure to withstand the forces of Mother Nature’s breezes.

Fun fact

If the wind is too strong, the cables of Inumbra and Inumbrina will whistle, alerting you that it might be time to close the shade. This serves as an early warning sign, and the best part is, you never have to change the batteries!


The Inumbra collection offers a sleek and sophisticated design that is easy to open and close with a handle. Thanks to its robust design, the shade withstands winds of up to gale force 8 on the Beaufort scale. But of course, it’s better not to challenge Mother Nature’s wrath. We can’t always predict the weather, so it’s best to close your shade when left unattended and whenever heavy winds are expected. You can use the parasol as a freestanding shade or combine it with the Gargantua or Pantagruel picnic. Notice how the pole is fastened to the tabletop? No legroom is lost under the table!


Inumbrina is the lighter sibling of the Inumbra shades. The Inumbrina collection has the same advantages as its big brother: beautiful simplicity, sleek elegance, and high wind resistance. The hexagonal shade opens with an innovative pulley system and includes three parasol sizes that perfectly pair with our picnic tables.

Free hanging parasols

Changing the game

Whereas most shades open vertically and are placed in the center of the table, Sensu and Kosmos shades open horizontally like a hand fan and are placed aside. Thanks to a flat design, the shades have a serene look with a calming effect.


The Sensu collection offers the perfect balance between design and functionality. Although casting a large shadow, Sensu doesn’t draw a lot of attention. The shade opens horizontally, rotates 360 degrees, and can be tilted towards the sunlight. When one shade isn’t enough, it’s also available with two or even four canvases on one single pole.

Kosmos Parasol-shades-story
Kosmos shade

The Kosmos shades open horizontally like a bird’s wings and have an understated, clean look. The collection includes a round and a square shade that both come with an optional LED light to create a cozy atmosphere.

Compact sunshades

Small surface, big shade

Size doesn’t always matter! These compact and eccentric parasols do a fine job of protecting you from harmful sun rays while adding a unique appearance to your garden!


Acacia is an asymmetrical shade inspired by the African acacia trees. Its natural and organic shape is a beautiful eye-catcher while it casts shade as a big shade would. Simply direct Acacia towards the sun to create a cool spot, take off the fabric, and put it in the bag at the end of the day - what’s left is a gorgeous tree-like sculpture!

Sol Luna_Australis-with-shade-shades-story

Small terrace? No problem! While the Sol+Luna lounger is both a sofa and a recliner, its clever sunshade also offers dual functionality. During the day the compact shade casts some cool shadow, at night, it lights up like the moon. This sunshade plugs into the Sol+Luna sunbed and can be directed toward the sunlight.

Specific shades

Matching your table

An extraordinary table calls for an equally impressive shade. That’s why our Hopper tables and AMAi tables come with their very own shade design. The Hopper shade merges perfectly with Hopper but can really be placed above any table. The AMAi shade on the other hand only matches the AMAi table.

Hopper shade

Echoing the lines of the Hopper design, the Hopper shade has a striking appeal. The shade can be placed above any table, it opens and closes thanks to a roll-up spring mechanism. The awning creates an intimate cocoon that doesn’t take up any extra space on the table.

Amai - White with normal shade-shades-story
AMAi shade

AMAi features its very own shade to accompany the design. By pulling the bungees in and outwards, you open or close the shade horizontally. Thanks to the smart design, the shade closes as soon as the wind speeds are too high.


Taking care of your shade

For a life in the shadows

This isn’t a laundry detergent commercial. No, the fabric will not stay spotless for eternity. However, when you use the following care tactics, you’ll get to enjoy your shade for a long, long time.

  • Choose wisely where you put your shade - birds can leave little packages, trees shed leaves and busy highways create pollution. Read all about our best practices.
  • Always use the cover when closed and not in use.
  • Clean your fabric following our care instructions.
  • In the worst-case scenario, the shade can be replaced with a brand-new fabric.
How to take care of your shade