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Foaming ideas at Orgatec

Flexible furniture, what does that even mean? Well, imagine an abandoned warehouse, say an old brewery, with its brick walls, high ceilings and concrete floor. With the help of only one set of furniture you could have lights and electricity, a desk, a place to invite clients, a place to prepare and eat some lunch and a solution for the bad acoustics that those gorgeous ceilings entail...

Like a portable office that you can plant anywhere, AMAi combines all you need to uncork a fine workday. To get this point across, Extremis brought an entire brewery to Orgatec that became a foaming workspace, with the help of just AMAi!

Foaming ideas at Orgatec

Adapting to a changing world

Whereas companies used to grow year after year, at a predictable pace, today, start-ups appear out of nowhere, becoming full-blown corporations, or sometimes also, quitting cold. How do you follow and support this work evolution? By offering the flexibility they need, all the time.

AMAi, the Flemish expression for “wow”, offers such flexibility. It’s an adjustable table with lights and electricity that you can tailor to the needs of any gathering, whether indoors or outdoors, for work or play, making each experience valuable and easy-going. Why would you furnish each space, time and again, when one set of furniture covers every need?

Out of office

Or an outdoor office?

This all-purpose set breaks down the boundaries of your imagination and joins together the good aspects of life, such as being outdoors. Since AMAi is completely outdoor-proof, it’s the perfect spot to take work outside.

Thanks to a clever shade structure, you won’t have to squint your eyes to sort through all those important emails. What makes the shade so spectacular, is that it opens so easily and doesn’t need a cover. Just pull it towards yourself, and the fabric slides open horizontally. No need for a handle, a difficult explanation, or a cover that gets lost.

Furniture never sounded so good

Outdoors, protection from the sun is needed, but indoors protection from noise is most welcome. To solve this, Extremis has altered the AMAi parasol to a “paranoise” solution. Using sound-absorbing fabrics as shade, Paranoise encourages conversations indoors with an outdoor look and feel.

The Paranoise is an acoustic upgrade that adds an ambient vibe to the most sterile places in an elegant and non-intrusive way. Unlike acoustic wall panels, space dividers, and curtains that not only slow down sound waves but also form a barrier between people, the AMAi paranoise is placed above the tabletop and doesn’t take up any desk space to allow people to communicate freely.

On top of the acoustic solution, this indoor shade adds to a biophilic design where office workers will feel at ease. In spaces with high ceilings, paranoise creates a shelter that offers intimacy. It brings the outdoor elements indoors and blurs the boundaries between inside and outside.

More about Paranoise
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A refreshing workspace

Standing or sitting, indoors or outdoors, lunch break or a brainstorming session? Complemented by a shade, lights, and power, a kitchen or a bar... With AMAi, you create endless unique combinations that’ll uncork an extra sparkle to your workday and make togetherness flow freely!

At Orgatec, each visitor discovered this flexibility and sparkle... and left foaming with ideas!

 Pictures: Chris Franken

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