Chicago, United States

Thank you Chicago for a great NeoCon fair

We kicked off the start of summer at NeoCon 2022 with an out-of-office experience, gathering friends, making connections and inspiring new ways of working just 'outside the office'.

Thank you Chicago for a great NeoCon fair

An office in nature

And nature in the office

From an urban jungle-themed space, our showroom was an escape from the bustling hallways of the Chicago Mart. We inspired our guests with new ways of working 'outside the office’ by day and celebrated reconnection over a glass of Tremist beer by night.

Flexibility at its finest

The tornado sirens in Chicago on Monday evening gave us a chance to talk about the strength and care of our umbrellas. The recurring theme of flexible spaces buzzing around the Mart created opportunities to demonstrate the height-adjustable features of our latest designs, AMAi and Sensu, which garnered many “ooohhs & ahhhs” from both inside and outside the showroom.

With furniture as flexible as your lifestyle, you instantly switch from working dynamically to hosting an afterwork drink at sunset! 

NeoCon, it was an honor

Between thousands of traditional office set-ups, Extremis took a leap and stepped ‘out of the office’. By providing smart solutions for everyday work, both indoors and outdoors, enriched by lush green plants, we showed how to create an office that works for you!

We left this year’s edition of NeoCon feeling grateful to experience the positive energy of an industry coming back together again and being inspired by the wave of changes still to come in the workplace.