Wood is a living material. In spite of the superior quality of the species we use, it constantly has to adapt to changes in temperature and humidity. So, to keep wood in good condition it will need some regular maintenance.


Iroko hardwood

African species of tropical hardwood

The high quality allows us to make wide tabletop segments out of one piece of wood. The color and characteristics of the wood are similar to teak. Our suppliers have their own concession and guarantee to deliver only the best quality Iroko hardwood, with a clear paper trail to guarantee sustainable entrepreneurship. 

Natural iroko
Weathered iroko
Natural Iroko
Oiled Iroko


Wood that has been put through purgatory to brace it against all kinds of 'hellish' weather ordeals.

Wood has to withstand UV rays, rain, fluctuating humidity levels, frost, extreme heat, and so on ... The specific sustainability process of Hellwood gives the fibres greater internal stability and increases its resistance to rotting. In this way, we obtain a type of wood that belongs in Durability Class I, just like the very best tropical wood. An attractive side-effect of the process, of course, is the wood’s dark coloring and flame-like pattern.

Natural hellwood
Weathered hellwood
Natural Hellwood
Oiled Hellwood

Our maintenance tools

It's a kind of magic

We offer a fine selection of maintenance tools that help you keeping your Extremis furniture in shape.

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