Extremis virtual tours

With social distancing in place around the world, we were challenged to rethink our way of working. As a brand that makes ‘tools for togetherness’ you can imagine that physical distancing is not our strong suit. Thanks to technology we can virtually meet up with our friends, colleagues and partners from all around the world. And so, Extremis has become your most trustable tour operator!

Extremis virtual tours

A virtual tour to Belgium

While travelling has come to a near standstill, technology did allow us to invite our partners for a free virtual trip to Belgium. This trip included a journey to the Extremis headquarters in the countryside of West Flanders (minus the jet lag) for a tour of the campus and an introduction to the existing and new ‘tools for togetherness’.

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Virtual tours

Ready for a lift off?

Don't hesitate, satisfy your travel bug and book your virtual trip to Belgium! Learn more about the virtual tour and subscribe for a travel, without traveling...

Please send a message to your extremis contact to book your virtual trip to Belgium with the following information:

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DOB & Passport Info... (Just Kidding!)

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The best hour of lockdown, for sure!

Virtual travellers - BE
Story virtual tours
Story virtual tours

Very well organized, authentic & enjoyable. An unforgettable experience!

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