Reinventing the parasol

Why is the most visible part of the classic sunshade, the underside, also the ugliest? If you sit beneath it, you see a jumble of slats, ribs or ropes above your head. Not only that, but traditional umbrellas break very easily. They fall over or are blown away in the slightest gust. We didn't have to think long about our aims for our parasols. We wanted parasols and shades that are aesthetically pleasing, much stronger and easier to use.

Reinventing the parasol
Inumbrina secondary image

A new parasol mechanism

Ninety percent of the umbrellas produced today rest on the opening and closing principle for the traditional Chinese parasol. It has become so familiar that hardly anyone would consider how the design could be improved. But that is a designer’s job. Why not put the mechanicals on top, out of sight of the people sitting under the parasol? The Inumbr(in)a Parasol is based on a whole new system. Its construction principle produces 17% more shade than the classic parasol mechanism.

The Inumbra Parasol

No more slats, ribs or ropes above your head.

With Inumbra, the technical parts that open and close the screen are all above the UV-resistant fabric. Not only that, but the flat design of the canopy catches less wind than the typical convex shape. In a wind test it resisted wind speeds of up to gale force 8 on the Beaufort scale. 


Inumbra Parasol opens and closes by means of a separate handle and an ultra-durable mechanism inside the tube. The cables and fabric are tensioned by lowering the parasol's canvas, which provides more shade because the larger surface is closer to the table. 

Matching furniture for Inumbra Parasol: Gargantua and Pantagruel

Gargantua USP large image
Gargantua & his son Pantagruel

Inumbrina Parasol

An ingenious pulley and rope system

Inumbrina is a lighter version of Inumbra and the difference between these two parasols lies in how they are opened. The Inumbrina Parasol opens by an ingenious pulley and rope system that's simple to use and even faster! 

Inumbra, Inumbrina or Kosmos parasol?

Can't decide between parasols? Have a quick look and discover which you need the most.

Inumbra Parasol

Type: parasol with central pole

Shape: octagon

Closing mechanism: separate handle and an ultra-durable mechanism inside the tube.

Canopy size: 350 cm or 400 cm

Matching furniture: Gargantua & Pantagruel

Inumbrina Parasol

Type: parasol with central pole

Shape: hexagon (250 & 320 cm) or octagon (380 cm)

Closing mechanism:  pulley and rope system that's simple to use

Canopy size: 250 cm, 320 cm or 380 cm

Matching furniture: Gargantua & Pantagruel, Abachus, Anker & Virus

Kosmos parasol

Type: cantilever parasol 

Shape: round or square

Closing mechanism: opens and closes like a fan. The parasol stays open by means of magnets. 

Canopy size: 325 cm or 340 cm

Matching furniture: Kosmos or any other furniture

Matching furniture for Inumbrina Parasol: Gargantua, Pantagruel, Abachus, Anker & Virus

Distance Abachus

The Hopper shade

Sunshade for everyone

Plenty of shade for all at the Hopper table? Dirk Wynants found the solution in the Hopper shade. Inspired by the poles in the hop fields typical of the Belgian ‘Westhoek’ region. Thanks to a spring mechanism, it opens ands closes effortlessly. The canvas can be extended left or right, or in both directions to offer protection for everyone, without taking up extra space beside the table. It need only be closed in strong winds.

The canvas can be closed ...
extended to the left or right ...
... or in both directions to protect everyone.

Matching furniture for Hopper shade: mostly Hopper picnic, combo & table, but any furniture will fit below.

The Kosmos Parasol

Design by nature

We wanted to design a parasol that did not stand in the way when it was closed. This parasol is an ingenious design that opens horizontally like a fan… or the feathers of a peacock. Design by nature. The advantages of the fan system are numerous: the Kosmos Parasol is very easy to open and close, it drops low enough to provide extra shade and creates an intimate atmosphere. It has a simple, clean look, as the technical components are not visible and the table does not require a hole.

Kosmos 8-seater GIF

Matching furniture for Kosmos Parasol: Mostly Kosmos, but any other furniture will fit below.

Kosmos 8-seater
Kosmos 8-seater

The Acacia Parasol

Asymmetrical yet super functional

This asymmetrical Acacia Parasol is intended to be directed towards the sun so that it can create as much shade as a larger parasol, despite its relatively small surface area. And that is how it got its name. The parasol-shaped crown of the African Acacia tree is an evolutionary adaptation to capture as much sun as possible with the smallest possible leaf canopy. What's extra special about this parasol? When not using the cover, simply remove the canvas and put it in the storage bag. What’s left is a sculpture!

Reinventing the parasol_Extremis_Gif_Acacia

Sol+Luna parasol

Sunshade by day, parasol light at night

A designer parasol that can easily be attached to the Sol+Luna and takes up minimal space. Equip your Sol+Luna sunbeds with sunshades by day and parasol lights at night. This Sol+Luna solar shade protects you from the sun while reading, but also provides ambiance at night. Also available on a separate parasol base.