Lounge, table, daybed, parasol, light in one
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Kosmos eight-seater designer sofa
Perfect-for-indoors-and-outdoors Perfect for indoors and outdoors
Simply-push-the-table-down-to-create-a-daybed Simply push the table down to create a daybed
Kosmos-parasol-with-light-creates-a-cosy-cocoon Kosmos parasol with light creates a cosy cocoon
Breakfast-aperitif-lunch-siesta-lounge-dinner-drinks-snooze Breakfast, aperitif, lunch, siesta, lounge, dinner, drinks, snooze
Our awards prove originality of extremis designs
Design by Dirk Wynants 2008 ©Extremis
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your furniture

Wood cleaner

Wood Cleaner is a preparatory cleaner for all types of outdoor wood. This product actively removes grey discolouration, green stains and dirt.

Multi cleaner

Extremis Multi Cleaner is a ready to use cleaner. Its powerful formula removes the most persistent stains.

Wood protector

Protect your wood regularly against UV and inclement weather conditions. Extremis Wood Oil is 100% natural.

Magic eraser

The Magic Eraser is the solution for the removal of stubborn stains from a variety of surfaces.

Extremis brush

Use this hand scrubber in combination with Extremis Wood Cleaner and Multi Cleaner to remove persistent dirt.
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